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Energy in our society

Since the Industrial Revolution, energy has been one of the main concerns of mankind, playing a major role in countries' development. Traditionally, fossil fuel technologies have been the solution to the problem. However, they present major drawbacks that affect environment, health and even political security due to the scarcity of resources. Several advances have been made throughout the years, but reality shows that no major changes in energy development philosophy planning has been shown since the XIX century, and mankind still relies on fossil fuels for energy supply.

A new era is arising, and many voices claim to shift the fossil fuel base model to a cleaner and more sustainable energy production model using renewable energies. However, there are still several technology barriers that renewable energies need to overcome to become the backbone of energy generation systems.


The future that awaits: 100% renewable

Can we reach a world with a 100% renewable energy? Yes. Without doubts.

The energy market will shift to high renewable contribution, but it will be done not only from the technology side, but also from the society. Electric vehicles, a deeper involvement of users in the electric market (e.g. demand side management, distributed generation by prosumers) and smart grids will change the whole overview of this market.

Thanks to our cooperation with consulting companies and development agencies, we have the tools and capabilities to identify the pathways to energy transition. If you share this vision of change towards a renewabe world, do not hesitate to contact us and collaborate.

Help us to make the real change.


Who We Are

IDIE was born with the goal of providing the technology solutions needed to support that transition: from fossil to renewable. Our mission is to make the idea of cheap, affordable, secure and clean energy a reality, focusing our activities in the following pillars:

1. R&D and Technology development: Competitive solutions in terms of efficiency and cost must be found for all renewable technologies. IDIE has developed its own modelling tools and capacities both in technical and economical areas, they have been used to propose new R&D projects in different consortiums. Our goal in this line is not only quantifying which is the performance impact of a new development, but also to provide assessment on the operation conditions and procedures while giving an estimation of the economical impact.

2. Support to third parties: IDIE was funded in 2008 as a start-up company, just in the middle of one of the worst economic crisis remembered, and when the survival rates for start-ups were lower. We have not forgotten how difficult is to develop an idea, so our previous experiences could help the development of third-party projects. We ask and answer the questions that needs to be solved when launching new ideas, providing guidance and support in the process of making it real.

3. Renewable Grid Integration: Smart renewable hubs: Renewable energy power plants must also contribute to grid operation in the same conditions as fossil technologies. This means that renewable energy must be able to produce energy in the conditions and characteristics required despite the environmental conditions. Most developed Renewable Energies nowadays are not able to provide this capacity, so fossil power plants must be kept as a backup and working a limited number of hours and at partial loads, far from their design point and increasing total generation costs.

Our vision is that some of these capacities can be provided by the combination of different energy sources in a hybrid power plant, and we have introduced the Smart Renewable Hubs concept in cooperation with GRIDSOL consortium. Smart Renewable Hubs operate on the same conditions as coal or combined cycles as observed by the TSO, contributing to the grid stability without the requirement of additional backup power plants.

4. Energy planning: Renewable Energy technologies affect all the electric market as it was pointed before. If the real goal of energy planning is to move to a renewable based scenario, measures must be taken from the beginning. IDIE works with STA in this area providing detailed modelling of generation power plants, so that these required measures can be identified in advance. Experience shows that an incorrect energy development plan leads to oversized installation, inefficiencies and higher generation costs that can be avoided if studied from the beginning.


Our Goals

  • Increase our participation in R&D projects
    • Find partners with whom develop our ideas
    • Support projects where our capabilities add value
  • Developing technology for third parties
    • Process engineering / integration in industrial energy processes
    • Optical, thermal, mechanical modeling
    • Collaboration in patents development
  • Provide technology and R&D consulting services